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Wind Turbine from Denmark


In 2023, Peters & May undertook the ambitious task of transporting a monumental 50-metre wind turbine from Denmark to Orkney, Scotland. This project not only demonstrated our expertise in handling renewable energy equipment but also our adaptability in managing logistics for oversized cargo. The turbine’s blades, each extending 24 metres, posed a significant logistical challenge, which was expertly addressed by our experienced haulage partners.

The Challenge

The primary challenge involved the intricate logistics required to manage two separate ferry crossings, while adhering to a stringent collection and delivery schedule. The operation’s complexity was heightened by the oversized nature of certain components, necessitating police escorts through particular sections of the journey in mainland Scotland and Orkney. This required meticulous planning and coordination to ensure smooth transit and timely delivery.

The approach

Navigating Logistical Complexities: Our strategy focused on navigating the logistical hurdles presented by the project’s scope and geographic challenges. We employed a phased transport plan, dividing the cargo into five distinct loads, each scheduled for carefully timed delivery to Kirkwall.

Coordinated Delivery Schedule: Collaborative efforts with hauliers and ferry operators were critical. This cooperation allowed us to adjust our logistics dynamically in response to changing weather conditions and ferry schedules, thus ensuring that each segment of the cargo reached its destination according to plan.

The Outcome

Our proactive management and strategic foresight facilitated the seamless flow of deliveries, preventing delays and reducing the potential costs associated with waiting times in Orkney. We successfully delivered the project not only on schedule but also under budget—a notable accomplishment for project shipments of such magnitude. The effective delivery of the wind turbine, including the foundation can and tower sections, highlighted our unparalleled capability in managing complex renewable energy logistics.

Concluding Thoughts

This project underlines Peters & May’s commitment to delivering innovative logistics solutions tailored to the needs of the renewable energy sector. Our success in transporting the 50-metre wind turbine from Denmark to Scotland reaffirms our reputation as a reliable partner for transporting oversized and complex cargo, setting a benchmark in the logistics of renewable energy components.

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