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24m Mast to Vietnam


Peters & May is renowned for its extensive history in the marine sector, offering a plethora of services, including the specialised transportation of yacht components. One of the notable projects we undertook recently involved a bespoke request to transport a 24.5-metre yacht mast directly to a boat builder in Vietnam, showcasing our tailored approach to complex logistical challenges.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in this project was the unique nature and size of the cargo—a 24.5-metre yacht mast. The task was not just about transportation but ensuring the mast arrived in pristine condition, ready for immediate use in yacht assembly. The destination, a boat builder’s facility in Vietnam, added another layer of complexity due to the specific handling and customs requirements of the receiving country.

The approach

Our strategy commenced with a thorough analysis to determine the most efficient and secure method of transporting such an unusually long and delicate item. Opting to handle the mast as break bulk cargo, we utilised our deep-rooted expertise in marine logistics to map out a journey that began at Hamburg port in Germany and concluded at Vung Tau port in Vietnam. This approach leveraged our global network and local insights to ensure seamless transit.

The Outcome

Upon the mast’s arrival at Vung Tau port, our collaboration with local Peters & May colleagues was pivotal in managing the mast’s onward journey to the boat builder’s facility. This phase was executed flawlessly, thanks to our team’s meticulous planning and coordination. The project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, highlighting our commitment to delivering bespoke logistics solutions.

Concluding Thoughts

This project exemplifies Peters & May’s dedication to providing customised and precise logistical solutions within the marine sector. By overcoming the challenges of transporting exceptionally large and delicate components across continents, we reinforced our position as a leader in marine logistics. Our success in the 24.5-metre mast shipment to Vietnam stands as a testament to our capability and adaptability in facing logistical complexities, underlining our commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence.

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