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Shipping the World’s First Floating Eco-Luxury Suite


Peters & May, renowned for its expertise in yacht handling and shipping, achieves another milestone by transporting the world’s first Anthénea eco-friendly Luxury Suite to Doha. This groundbreaking project involved moving the luxurious and environmentally conscious pod, which will be stationed at the Marina corniche promenade in Porto Arabia at the Pearl-Qatar.

The Challenge

Transporting the Anthénea, an eco-luxury suite with a unique circular dome shape, presented a unique set of challenges. Not only did the structure’s distinctive design necessitate expert handling, but its high value and delicate nature also required specialized shipping methods.

The approach

The Anthénea was towed from Honfleur Marina, France, to the shipping location. Peters & May executed a meticulous three-sling lift to transfer the suite from water to a MAFI trailer using a gantry crane. The cargo, valued well above €250,000, demanded the highest level of precision and care in handling.

The Outcome

Successfully shipped to its destination, the Anthénea stands as a testament to Peters & May’s ability to handle unique and challenging projects. Global Technical Director Paul Elsom’s comments highlight the company’s pride in being part of such an innovative venture. The suite’s arrival in Doha marks the beginning of a new era in eco-luxury travel.

The Anthénea floating suite is the first of its kind and we are proud to have been involved with such an interesting project.
Paul Elsom
Global Technical Director

Concluding Thoughts

This case study exemplifies Peters & May’s exceptional capability in shipping extraordinary and unconventional cargo. The Anthénea project not only demonstrates their logistical prowess but also aligns with modern sustainable practices, showcasing their adaptability to new and eco-friendly innovations in the maritime industry.

For further information about Peters & May’s activities, you can visit Peters & May. To explore more about the Anthénea Suite, visit The Anthénea Suite.

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