Global Yacht Transport



How Do I Prepare My Yacht For Shipping?

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive proposal that outlines the entire process from dockside to delivery, demonstrating the equipment and methods we’ll use. Our experts will guide you on the necessary preparations and handling of your yacht.

What Measures Are In Place To Ensure The Safety And Security Of My Superyacht During Transport?

We implement rigorous security measures and use equipment to safeguard your vessel throughout the journey.

Do You Handle Customs And Import/Export Paperwork?

Yes, we take care of all customs requirements on behalf of our clients, making the shipping process smoother and hassle-free. Our dedicated customs team provides advice and guidance on boat customs and VAT.

What about the Customs and VAT associated with shipping?

Customs clearance and documentation can be daunting and complex, varying depending on the nature of cargo transported and geographies of where it will end up. Implications of getting this wrong can be costly. Peters & May are experts in Customs & VAT for imports and exports worldwide. Our in-house Customs & VAT Manager is knowledgeable in all current Customs & VAT legislation including Customs Declaration Service. As such our expert is on hand to support you step by step or take the paperwork out of your hands completely so you can rest assured.

Can You Assist With Customs And Clearance For Racing Events?

Yes, we handle all customs requirements, ensuring a smooth entry to the race location.

How Can I Get A Quote For Racing Yacht Transport?

Getting a quote is easy. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us at or reach out to your local Peters & May office for more information and to begin planning your next racing adventure.

What Sets You Apart From Other Racing Yacht Transport Companies?

Our passion for racing, extensive experience, and attention to detail distinguish us.

Can You Transport Multiple Racing Yachts For A Team Or Event?

We have the capacity to transport multiple yachts, making us a reliable choice for events and racing teams.

Do You Handle Cargo That Doesn’t Fit Standard Containers?

Yes, we are experts in handling out of gauge cargo, offering innovative loading and transportation services.

How Can I Get A Quote For Yacht Shipping?

You can request a quote by contacting us through our website, sending an email, or calling your local Peters & May office. We’ll guide you through the process and provide a competitive quote tailored to your needs.

Do I need insurance?

Generally speaking, annual hull insurance only provides cover for normal boating activities and does not cover transportation. Peters & May are however proudly in partnership with Pantaenius Yacht Insurance as one of the world’s leading yacht insurance brokers. Like Peters & May, Pantaenius are renowned for offering first-class bespoke solutions covering all the insurance needs that our customers require, whether you are looking to transport a Leisure BoatRacing YachtSuperyacht or Commercial Cargo. Speak to our experts or request an insurance quote.

Can I Track My Yacht During Transit?

Yes, we provide tracking and monitoring services so you can stay updated on the location and condition of your yacht throughout the shipping process.