Leader in Yacht Logistics


What Makes Peters & May The Right Choice For Yacht Shipping?

Peters & May has over 50 years of experience in international logistics and a track record of successfully transporting yachts worldwide. We offer a comprehensive service, handling everything from shipping the yacht itself to equipment, customs, and more. Our clients trust us for our commitment to excellence and passion for the industry.

Can You Transport My Superyacht To Specific Locations, Or Do You Have Predefined Routes?

We offer both flexibility and predefined routes, ensuring your superyacht reaches its destination no matter where it may be.

What Types Of Yachts Do You Ship?

We specialize in shipping various types of yachts, including sailing yachts, racing yachts, motorboats, superyachts, and commercial boats. We handle a wide range of vessels, ensuring their safe and timely transport.

Can You Handle All Types Of Racing Yachts?

Absolutely. We’re equipped to transport yachts of all sizes and classes.

How Do You Ensure My Yacht’s Safety During Transport?

Safety is our top priority. We employ specialized equipment and expert teams to guarantee your yacht’s security.

What Sets Peters & May Apart In The Superyacht Transport Industry?

Our decades of experience, unwavering expertise, and unmatched attention to detail make us the industry leader.

Do You Handle Customs And Import/Export Paperwork?

Yes, we take care of all customs requirements on behalf of our clients, making the shipping process smoother and hassle-free. Our dedicated customs team provides advice and guidance on boat customs and VAT.

What Sets You Apart From Other Racing Yacht Transport Companies?

Our passion for racing, extensive experience, and attention to detail distinguish us.

What about the Customs and VAT associated with shipping?

Customs clearance and documentation can be daunting and complex, varying depending on the nature of cargo transported and geographies of where it will end up. Implications of getting this wrong can be costly. Peters & May are experts in Customs & VAT for imports and exports worldwide. Our in-house Customs & VAT Manager is knowledgeable in all current Customs & VAT legislation including Customs Declaration Service. As such our expert is on hand to support you step by step or take the paperwork out of your hands completely so you can rest assured.

What Measures Are In Place To Ensure The Safety And Security Of My Superyacht During Transport?

We implement rigorous security measures and use equipment to safeguard your vessel throughout the journey.

What Type Of Cargo Does Your Project Cargo Transport Service Handle?

We handle a wide range of commercial cargo, including out-of-gauge items, break bulk, and heavy lift cargo.

Can You Assist With Customs And Clearance For Racing Events?

Yes, we handle all customs requirements, ensuring a smooth entry to the race location.