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Double Minehunter Consignment Demonstrates Peters & May’s Heavy-lift Capabilities


Peters & May set a new precedent in heavy-lift maritime transport with the successful delivery of two 620-ton warships from Belgium to Pakistan. This operation, marked as the company’s heaviest and longest double ship movement, underscores their expertise in handling complex and large-scale maritime logistics.

The Challenge

The task involved the transportation of two massive warships, a project that was not only significant due to its scale but also because of the unique requirement of moving two such large vessels simultaneously. The original plan, scheduled for 2020, faced delays due to the global pandemic, pushing the shipment to September 2022. The primary challenge was finding a suitable heavy-lift ship with the capability to lift both warships at once, a task that Peters & May’s Global Commercial Sales Manager, Robert Blades, acknowledged as highly unusual and demanding.

The approach

Peters & May collaborated with United Heavy Lift to utilize the MV UHL Fame, one of the few ships capable of undertaking such a task. The preparation was meticulous and extensive, involving over 1.35 kilometers of cable for lashings per ship and sixteen slings for tandem lifting each warship. Special attention was given to the integrity of the cargo, with heavy lift platforms used to spread the load and prevent deck damages. Peters & May’s expertise in special cradling beneath the hulls was crucial in ensuring the safety and integrity of the warships throughout the journey.

The Outcome

The loading process itself was a monumental operation, even by Peters & May’s standards, requiring two senior loadmasters and two trainee loadmasters, with each ship needing approximately two days for gear preparation and lifting. The successful completion of this project not only reaffirmed Peters & May’s position as a leader in commercial marine vessel shipping but also showcased their ability to adapt and innovate in the face of unprecedented challenges. Simon Judson, Peters & May’s CEO, attributed this success to the combined knowledge and experience of the company’s technical department and loadmasters.

Our strength lies in our experienced technical department and our loadmasters’ combined knowledge and experience ensures a safe loading of large vessels like these.
Simon Judson

Concluding Thoughts

This case study serves as a testament to Peters & May’s capabilities in handling extraordinarily challenging maritime logistics projects. It highlights the company’s adaptability, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional service, even in the most demanding scenarios.


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