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Vintage Myron Stephens Sprint Transport


Peters & May Automotive undertook the intricate task of transporting an 82-year-old vintage Myron Stephens Sprint car from Orange County, California, USA, to Lymington, UK. Covering a distance of over 6,580 miles, this project was a testament to Peters & May’s expertise in handling and transporting vintage vehicles.

The Challenge

Transporting a vintage race car, especially one with such a long history, required meticulous planning and careful handling. The unique dimensions and fragility of the Myron Stephens Sprint demanded a customized transportation solution.

The approach

Peters & May designed a bespoke block and brace scheme to accommodate the vehicle’s narrow chassis and wide tyres, ensuring stability and safety during transit. The car was loaded into its own container using a ramped enclosed car transporter, with no driving involved to ensure maximum safety.

The Outcome

After a 15-day journey by sea and road, the vintage car arrived safely at Peters & May’s headquarters in Eastleigh, Southampton. The car was carefully extracted and delivered to its final destination in Lymington, ready to be showcased.

Peters & May provided an excellent door to door service... It was great to work with a company that could provide a bespoke logistics solution to cater for the unique requirements of the Myron.
Andrew Hurst

Concluding Thoughts

This case study demonstrates Peters & May’s capability in the specialized field of vintage automotive transport. The successful delivery of the Myron Stephens Sprint highlights their ability to provide tailored logistics solutions for unique and valuable vehicles.

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