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Transporting the TP52 Fleet for the ROLEX TP52 World Championship


Following their successful transport of racing yachts from Zadar, Peters & May were set to facilitate the TP52 racers’ move to the ROLEX TP52 World Championship in Cascais. The event, known for its challenging and dynamic conditions, was eagerly anticipated by racers and spectators alike.

The Challenge

The TP52 fleet, having competed in the Adriatic with lighter sailing conditions, was looking ahead to the windier and more demanding Atlantic side in Cascais. This transition required expert logistical handling to ensure the fleet’s safe and timely arrival at the new racing arena.

The approach

Peters & May utilized their extensive experience in yacht transportation to manage the logistics of moving the TP52 fleet. Their expertise in handling high-performance racing yachts was crucial in navigating the logistical complexities of the series.

The Outcome

The successful relocation of the fleet to Cascais set the stage for what promised to be an exciting leg of the 52 SUPER SERIES. Teams like Luna Rossa, Phoenix, Quantum, and Sled, each with impressive standings, were preparing to face the challenging conditions that Cascais is known for.

Concluding Thoughts

This case study highlights Peters & May’s role in the 52 SUPER SERIES, showcasing their ability to handle the intricate logistics of high-stakes yacht racing events. Their contribution was vital in ensuring that the teams could compete at their best in the diverse conditions offered by the series’ different locations.


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