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Transporting a 540-Ton Decommissioned Minehunter


Peters & May Commercial faced a challenging task in transporting a decommissioned 540-ton Minehunter from Belgium to Pakistan. This complex project required strategic planning and cooperation across Peters & May’s global network, particularly given the shipment’s ex-military nature.

The Challenge

Transporting the retired Minehunter presented several unique challenges. The vessel’s substantial weight, age, and distinctive hull shape necessitated a bespoke lashing and cradling plan. Additionally, sparse lashing points on the Minehunter placed greater emphasis on the effectiveness of the cradling system.

The approach

Peters & May’s in-house technical team diligently designed a cradling system tailored to the Minehunter’s specifications. The lifting process was meticulously managed by Peters & May’s expert loadmasters, along with the SAL team on the MV Calypso, taking special care to accommodate the vessel’s age and condition.

The Outcome

Despite the complexities, the Minehunter was safely transported over 7,000 nautical miles, demonstrating Peters & May’s proficiency in managing intricate and sizeable maritime logistics projects. The journey involved navigating through the Mediterranean, Suez Canal, and UAE, with the Minehunter arriving safely in Pakistan.

It was a pleasure to cooperate with the expert team at Peters & May... Clear and efficient communication is essential to handle projects of this kind.
Stephanie Schillgalies
Manager of Chartering & Projects at SAL

Concluding Thoughts

This case study underscores Peters & May’s capability to handle intricate and high-stakes transportation projects, solidifying their reputation as a leading bespoke logistics partner within the commercial shipping industry. Their expertise in heavy lift cargo transport is evident in the successful completion of this challenging shipment.

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