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Historic Yacht Maiden’s Voyage Facilitated by Bespoke Global Shipping


Peters & May’s expertise in bespoke global transport solutions is exemplified in their recent project involving the iconic 58ft Farr racing yacht, Maiden. This marks the continuation of a long-standing relationship, with Peters & May once again trusted to transport Maiden, this time from Southampton Dock to Jebel Ali in Dubai for a new world tour.

The Challenge

The Maiden’s shipment to Dubai for a three-year world tour sponsored by DP World represented a significant logistical challenge. This project was not only about transporting a historic vessel but also ensuring the alignment with The Maiden Factor’s mission to support global educational initiatives for girls. The yacht, a symbol of empowerment and change, required careful handling and expert shipping solutions.

The approach

For this crucial shipment, Peters & May utilized a CMA CGM container vessel, with their experienced loadmasters overseeing the loading and unloading operations. The company’s history with Maiden dates back to 2017, when they first shipped her from Seychelles to Southampton. Their consistent high-quality service and meticulous attention to detail were key in this operation.

The Outcome

Successfully transporting Maiden for the third time, Peters & May reinforced their reputation for reliability and excellence in maritime logistics. This project highlighted not only their technical expertise but also their commitment to supporting meaningful global initiatives like The Maiden Factor.

Maiden is now an invaluable asset and an iconic yacht, so we want her in the safest possible hands. We use Peters & May because they are reliable, helpful, transparent and user-friendly.
Tracy Edwards

Concluding Thoughts

Peters & May’s involvement in the transport of Maiden underscores their ability to manage complex logistical challenges with precision and care. This case study not only demonstrates their capability in bespoke global transport solutions but also their commitment to supporting impactful global causes.

For more information on Peters & May’s services, please visit Peters & May and for further details on The Maiden Factor, you can explore The Maiden Factor.

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