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First Flat Rail Shipment out of the Philippines


Peters & May, in collaboration with Bespoke Load Solutions and Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation (SBITC), achieved a groundbreaking feat with the first Flat Rail shipment out of the Philippines. This innovative operation involved the transportation of a catamaran from Subic Bay to the Maldives, revolutionizing the way oversized cargo is handled.

The Challenge

The traditional method of shipping a catamaran of this size involved using at least six flat racks as breakbulk, a costly and space-consuming process. The challenge was to find a more efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting oversized cargo like this yacht.

The approach

Utilizing the patented Flat Rail system, developed by Bespoke Load Solutions, allowed for the catamaran to be loaded onto a single 40-foot flat rack. This system employs two beams secured to the flat rack with twist-locks and can safely accommodate payloads of up to 44 tons. The catamaran was loaded in two phases: first from the sea to the berth and then from the berth to the vessel.

The Outcome

The successful shipment of the catamaran using the Flat Rail system marked a significant advancement in oversized cargo shipping. This method proved to be simpler, faster, and more space-efficient compared to traditional methods. The operation’s success has opened up new possibilities for using Philippine ports for yacht transportation.

The whole system works seamlessly with vessel operations. We're glad that we were the first to experience the Flat Rail system in the country.
Randy Iglesia
Operations Manager at SBITC

Concluding Thoughts

This case study highlights Peters & May’s innovative approach in handling oversized cargo, demonstrating their ability to develop and implement efficient and cost-effective solutions. The Flat Rail shipment out of the Philippines is a testament to their expertise in maritime logistics and their commitment to pioneering new technologies in the industry.

For more information on Peters & May’s services and the Flat Rail Solution, visit their website.

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