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Collaborating with Mitsubishi Motors on Automotive Shipment


Peters & May Automotive partnered with Mitsubishi Motors UK for a high-profile automotive shipment, showcasing their expertise in bespoke, door-to-door logistics solutions. The collaboration highlighted Peters & May’s capability to handle large-scale logistics projects efficiently.

The Challenge

Working with a globally recognized brand like Mitsubishi Motors, the project involved the end-to-end logistics of automotive shipment. The primary challenge was to manage unforeseen obstacles while ensuring timely and safe delivery of the vehicles for an event.

The approach

Under the guidance of Jenny Elstone, Sales Manager for Forwarding & Automotive at Peters & May, the team utilized their extensive experience in automotive logistics. They adopted a flexible and hands-on approach to address and overcome challenges that arose during the shipment process.

The Outcome

Despite the complexities and unexpected hurdles, Peters & May successfully delivered the vehicles to their final destinations, ready for Mitsubishi Motors’ event. The project demonstrated the team’s proficiency in managing large-scale, intricate logistics tasks.

This project was certainly an exciting one for everyone involved! As always, our experts did a great job, and it was a pleasure working with the Mitsubishi Motors team.
Jenny Elstone

Concluding Thoughts

This case study exemplifies Peters & May’s ability to collaborate with major automotive brands, providing tailored logistics solutions even in the face of challenges. Their successful partnership with Mitsubishi Motors UK reinforces their reputation as a reliable and skilled logistics provider in the automotive sector.

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