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Cape31UK Class Race Fleet


Peters & May’s successful transportation of the Cape31UK Class yachts from South Africa to the UK and Ireland marks a significant expansion in their service offerings, catering to the growing demand in the race yacht sector.

The Challenge

Introducing the new Cape31 UK Class into the UK in 2019 and Ireland in 2022 presented a unique logistical challenge. The key task was to transport multiple race yachts efficiently and safely, considering the growing popularity and participation in the Cape31 Race Circuit. The transport of these specialized yachts demanded expert handling, especially with the increasing size of the fleet.

The approach

Peters & May, as the shipping partner for the Cape31 UK Class, closely collaborated with UK distributors to facilitate the import of these yachts from South Africa. The process involved careful planning and execution to handle the delicate nature of racing yachts. The team leveraged their extensive experience in shipping and loading race yachts, employing specialized supporting cradles for safe transportation.

The Outcome

The successful delivery of 14 Cape31 Class yachts and the additional transport of four more to Ireland in the spring exemplifies Peters & May’s capability in handling specialized maritime logistics. This operation not only fortified their relationship with the Cape31 UK Class but also demonstrated their ability to adapt to unique transportation needs.

It’s been awesome to see all the new boats arriving and getting ready for the 31 Race Circuit. We’re grateful to Peters & May for their ongoing support.
Tor Tomlinson
Class Communications Manager

Concluding Thoughts

This case study showcases Peters & May’s adaptability and expertise in the niche sector of race yacht transportation. Their ability to manage complex logistics and maintain the integrity of high-value cargo sets them apart in the maritime transport industry, reinforcing their position as a trusted partner in the global yachting community.

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