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63m Flo-Flo Superyacht Shipment – Utopia IV


Peters & May showcased their high level of expertise in yacht transportation with the shipment of Utopia IV, a luxurious 63-meter superyacht. This complex operation required the skillful handling of the vessel, weighing 550 tonnes, over a 4,000 nautical mile Transatlantic journey from Genoa, Italy, to New York, USA.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was safely preparing and transporting a large and valuable superyacht across the Atlantic. The sheer size and weight of Utopia IV necessitated specialized handling and a bespoke transport solution.

The approach

Utilizing their Superyacht and Technical Teams, Peters & May employed Flo-Flo (float-on, float-off) loading techniques, a method particularly suited for oversized maritime cargo like Utopia IV. This involved carefully loading, cradling, and lashing the yacht onto the transport vessel, ensuring its stability and security throughout the journey.

The Outcome

The successful shipment of Utopia IV was a testament to Peters & May’s expertise in handling high-value, oversized maritime cargos. The meticulous preparation and execution of the Flo-Flo technique ensured the safe arrival of the superyacht in New York, maintaining the vessel’s pristine condition.

Concluding Thoughts

This case study exemplifies Peters & May’s proficiency in bespoke yacht transport, showcasing their ability to tackle challenging shipments with precision and care. The Utopia IV project highlights their capacity to manage and execute complex logistical tasks, reinforcing their status as leaders in superyacht transportation.

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