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Introducing the team who load your cargo

Our Loadmasters are instrumental in the loading and discharging of cargo across the globe.They are at the forefront of operations dealing with operators and stevedores worldwide, they have the experience and the knowledge to know when a safe loading is possible.

Both prior and during the loading / discharge the Loadmasters are always in close contact with our technical department to ensure the loading and discharge are executed as per the agreed detailed plans.

Our Loadmasters’ experience guarantees they command the delicate authority needed to oversee and instil trust and confidence throughout the operation.  

Loadmaster role includes:

  • Preparation of all required loading / discharge equipment
  • Oversee and manage all loading / discharge operations
  • Co-ordination of third parties including divers, ship’s crew etc.
  • Client point of contact on the day of loading / discharge
  • Skills to design lifting gear solutions
Peters & May did a very professional job. The loadmaster was excellent, calm and clear with a sense of humour. He understood what a nerve wracking exercise the discharge was for us and he handled all if it (and us) very well. You cannot give him a big enough bonus!
J. Byrne Murphy
Chairman Digiplex Group

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