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Life as a Loadmaster – 10-year highlights with Shane Brearley

Far from the comfort of an office 9-5pm, the role of Loadmaster at Peters & May is certainly not for the fainthearted. Busy travel rotas, varying time-zones & cargo worth millions require committed and highly trained individuals. Shane Brearley, Senior Loadmaster & Boatloader Manager celebrates 10 years at Peters & May. Leading a team of 7, Shane and his colleagues are the faces of Peters & May; at the forefront of the continued growth of our world-renowned reputation.

Peters & May grabbed 10 minutes with Shane to learn more about his journey as a Loadmaster over the last decade since joining from a Military Logistics background.

How have things changed over the last 10 years?

“So much has changed! It sounds cliché, but technology really has made our job easier. I can be portside managing a load but still have instant access to plans & technical drawings easily via my smartphone. Our heavy lift equipment has also come a long way. We now develop in-house bespoke solutions which means every year the boats we are lifting get bigger and bigger!”

What are your highlights?

“It’s got to be my first Solo project, lifting a Volvo 70 called Puma to the deck of a WWL ship. It was my chance to prove myself on a high-profile project. To this day I work closely with the customer and it’s great that they still trust me as their ‘go to’ for yacht loadings & transport”.

What is the biggest challenge for a Loadmaster?

“No two projects are the same, so we have to plan for every situation. We have to be able to think on our feet and adapt to quickly solve any potential problems before they come about. All our Loadmasters are experts in technical cradling with the skills to adapt cradles on the spot to achieve the best fit for each yacht”.

What is the largest loading you have worked on?

“One of the largest has got to be the M/Y Reem 1. It was 50 meters long and 295 metric tons so was a pretty exciting load! The whole team worked hard to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible and a few weeks later after shipping, the happy customer received his new superyacht in Dubai”.

What is the furthest you have travelled for work?

“We travel a lot! I would say that on average a Loadmaster clocks over 100 flights a year to various destinations. One trip I started with a loading in Palma, travelling straight over to Cape Town, then completing a discharge in the UK before heading to Tortola, Split & Malaysia – all within a few weeks! Our expertise is globally renowned and with that comes a worldwide demand for our services”.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

“I think it would be the responsibility. Working independently and in a team, there is a great sense of achievement once loading or discharge is completed. As a Loadmaster you also get to meet some great people from across the world within the marine industry”.

As Shane continues his busy career as a Senior Loadmaster; he looks forward to playing his role in the continued success of Peters & May. As our expert team of Loadmasters continues to grow, attention turns to the next generation of Peters & May Boatloaders including Shane’s own son Ben!

Interested to see more behind the scenes from Peters & May Loadmasters? Check out our video.

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