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DNA Performance Sailing G4 Catamaran Shipment


Peters & May demonstrates their expertise in bespoke logistics with the successful global transport of a 40ft Foiling Catamaran, built by DNA performance sailing. This project, involving coordination with agents, shipping partners, and suppliers, highlights Peters & May’s proficiency in managing and executing complex logistic operations.

The Challenge

The project entailed transporting the G4 Catamaran from Lelystad, Netherlands, to Oceania, requiring a bespoke solution for safe storage and transportation. The challenge was magnified by the need for a custom cradle design, accommodating the catamaran’s unique structure and the constraints of the superyacht where it would be stored.

The approach

The transportation began with designing a lightweight carbon fiber cradle, developed in collaboration with DNA performance sailing. The cradle was equipped with multiple lashing points and a special walkway for easy boarding. The journey involved multiple stages, from trucking to Rotterdam, shipping to Fremantle, Australia, and a final change in plans to Auckland, New Zealand.

The Outcome

The catamaran’s journey spanned several continents and oceans, showcasing Peters & May’s ability to adapt to changing logistics scenarios and deliver specialized cargo safely and efficiently. The successful delivery of the G4 Catamaran to its final destination in New Zealand is a testament to Peters & May’s global network and bespoke logistics capabilities.

Using a lightweight carbon fibre, the cradle was built with numerous lashing points and the ability to eventually bolt the cradle in place to the helipad aboard the Superyacht.
Sven Erik Janssen
co-founder at DNA performance sailing

Concluding Thoughts

This case study exemplifies Peters & May’s expertise in handling unique and complex shipments, highlighting their commitment to customized solutions and collaborative efforts in global logistics. The G4 Catamaran project underscores their ability to navigate challenging logistical tasks with precision and flexibility.

For additional details about the DNA performance sailing G4 Catamaran, you can explore DNA Performance Sailing.

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