Guide to Caribbean Yacht Shipping - Transportation made simple...

As world leaders in global yacht transport; Peters & May understand that shipping your yacht for the first time can be a daunting and nerve racking process. Committed to providing a first-class bespoke service; Peters & May support clients at every step of the way. Whether it is back office assistance during booking, onsite Loadmasters during load or even expert customs advice at discharge; Peters & May are on hand from start to finish to provide a seamless service. Your journey to simple transportation starts here.


Step 1- Prior to Booking

Communication is key to the service that Peters & May provide. Experts in yacht transport, our UK team supported by agents worldwide work closely with you to find the right bespoke shipping solution for your needs. With regular updates via sailing schedules and 12 Peters & May owned offices worldwide alongside a network of agents; advice is never far. If participating in the ARC, Peters & May representatives are on the ground at the start and finish in Las Palmas & St Lucia.

Getting your Quote

Quotes are easily requested online but our team always like to chat to you on the phone to cover any extra questions you may have. To generate an accurate quote, our experts require a checklist of information. Using the information supplied Peters & May can provide a formal quotation to include pricing, loading and discharge ports as well as dates of sailings.

Quote Checklist:

  • Port of Origin
  • Port of Discharge
  • Shipping Dates
  • Boat Dimensions (including length, beam and weight)

Confirming your Booking

On confirming that our quote is acceptable, our specialists will provide you with a formal booking contract. This will outline details of the shipping, inclusions and exclusions, key facts included in the terms and conditions as well as any cancellation clauses. Payment terms will be highlighted with an initial first installment payable and the balance settled upon loading. On receipt of your signed booking note, your sales representative will counter sign and return the documentation to you. All you need to do then is provide us with a few extra details, so the appropriate Peters & May agent can complete all your customs paperwork. If you have any doubts regarding VAT & Customs Peters & May have an in-house Customs Advisor who is always on hand.

Customs Checklist: 

  • Bill of Sale
  • Registration SSR
  • Proof of VAT

Your Contact

Peters & May realise that if you are transporting your yacht for the first time, it’s important that our experts are available to guide you through every step, keeping you informed and answering any questions you may have. As such, from the point of enquiry up until 2 weeks before the loading, you will have one continuous point of contact.

Signed, sealed and ready to deliver! Your yacht is booked onboard…

Step 2 - After Booking

A lot of preparation goes in to getting your yacht ready for shipment. From Customs Advice to Marine Cargo Insurance which is required for shipment, Peters & May have got you covered. Everyone’s travel circumstances are different, and our team understand that sometimes you may not be available to arrange delivery and collection of your yacht. Peters & May can arrange local marina space at discharge point or if required a skipper to collect your yacht. We can liaise on your behalf with our local agent to help manage this.

1 month prior to load

Your Peters & May contact point will update you on progress, checking that insurance is in place and contact has been made with the agent handing all export customs formalities.

2 weeks prior to load

Our Operations Team will introduce themselves and inform you of the vessel they are likely to nominate to ship your yacht. We will then be better placed to narrow down a date within the 15-shipment window provided in your contract. Our Operations Team take over as your point of contact up until arrival at destination port.

72- 48 hrs before load

The Operations Team will confirm vessel timings via email advising you of the sequence in which each yacht will be loaded as well as your scheduled time. Details of the Loadmaster will be provided as your point of contact on the day. If you will not be present for the loading, these details must be communicated to your skipper unless you have already provided Peters & May with skipper details. This planned loading sequence ensures operations are smooth and efficient.

Step 3 - Day of Loading

On the day of the loading, a Peters & May vessel liaison officer will be there on hand to answer any questions, leaving our expert Loadmasters to work their magic! Included in your quote will be a load surveyor whose role is to independently record the lift of each yacht and protect your interests.


You or your representative will be required to deliver your yacht to the vessel at the pre-agreed time. Prior to arrival and lifting you will need to prepare your yacht for shipment…

Lift & Cradling

Once alongside the vessel; the backstay of your yacht will need to be removed to allow room for the lifting equipment. Your mast can be left up during loading and shipment. Heavy lifting gear will be strategically positioned by the Loadmaster and Diver. Once both are happy that the boat is correctly positioned in the slings your yacht will be safely lifted, before being loaded into one of our bespoke cradles.


With your yacht safely in her cradle she will then be secured to the deck using approved lashing equipment. Our Loadmasters are experts in the safe delivery of over 4,000 yachts and motorboats annually, however there is nothing like double checking things for yourself… you or your representative are welcome to check fittings are secured to the highest standards before shipment. At this point it is advised that the backstay is replaced for transit and davits removed unless included in the quote provided. The loading, lashing and securing of your yacht is estimated to take 2 hours.

Watch a video of Peters & May Loadmasters in action lifting, cradling & lashing.

Step 4 - Sailing

Your yacht is ready to set sail… just once everyone else is loaded. Once the vessel departs an ETA will be given for arrival at the agreed discharge port. During the transit our Operations Team will provide regular updates via email. 72 - 48 hours prior to arrival, the team will advise you of the sequence for discharge and your scheduled time. You will also be provided with a hyperlink enabling you to track the progress of the vessel yourself online during the transit.


Step 5 - Discharge

Peters & May should be informed ahead of discharge who will be collecting your yacht. Our agents can arrange a skipper or book a berth in a local marina if required. During discharge a surveyor will again be present.


What next - Get in touch...

Peters & May ship yachts worldwide; with regular Transatlantic sailings to and from the Caribbean. For more details on shipping your yacht check out Peters & May’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact our team today for a quote or check out our Sailing Schedules.

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