52 Yachts Shipped from Antigua to Southampton

Shipping Destinations Worldwide

The world is your oyster when it comes to shipping your boat with Peters & May. With a vast network of certified agents and 12 offices worldwide, no destination is out of reach.

Offering Seasonal Sailings, One-off Shipments and spaces on Liner Vessels there are a range of different shipping options to choose from.

Shipping Destinations
Yachting in the Mediterranean

Guide to Mediterranean Yachting

Close to Europe and just across the pond from the US and Caribbean; the Mediterranean offers something for everyone. With vibrant cities, centuries of history, unique cultures and endless untouched coastlines you will be spoilt for choice.

View top recommendations and suggested sailings to get you on your way to find out for yourself what the Mediterranean has to offer!

Full Deck of 45-yachts on a Caribbean Sailing

How much does it cost to ship a yacht?

When considering shipping your yacht to any destination worldwide, cost is an important factor to consider. With so many variants impacting the price of yacht shipping, it can be hard to give an exact figure.

View Peters & May's guide to pricing, discussing all the influencing factors to determine the cost of shipping your yacht. 


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