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Peters & May Ships World’s First Floating Eco-Luxury Suite

Peters & May, the industry leaders in yacht handling and shipping, transports the first Anthénea eco-friendly Luxury Suite to Doha. After five years of research and development, the luxury pod will join Marina corniche promenade in Porto Arabia at the Pearl-Qatar, between June 8th and June 12th, where it will be presided over by its new owner.

The smart floating space offers 50 sqm of living area across the main cabin and the rooftop solarium, emphasising the 360-degree nature-filled views available through its circular dome shape. The distinctive shape of this capsule proved an ideal opportunity for Peters & May to demonstrate its expert tailored-lifting capabilities and apply its decades of experience to yet another unique project.

Prior to Peters & May’s handling, the cargo had been towed on a 7-hour crossing from Honfleur Marina, France, by the SNSM (National Society for Sea Rescue). Peters & May performed a three-sling lift, attached via D-ring fasteners to the cargo, to lift it from the water. The cargo, valued well upwards from the base price of €250,000 announced for an entry model, was loaded onto a MAFI trailer using a gantry crane, until the arrival of the cargo vessel on which it will complete its journey to the Middle East.

Global Technical Director Paul Elsom comments “The Anthénea floating suite is the first of its kind and we are proud to have been involved with such an interesting project. It is always a pleasure to ship exclusive and unusual cargo. 50 years in the shipping industry yet this is the first time we have come across anything like it, in its unique and futuristic pod shape.”

The Anthénea Suite, inspired by the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”, was created to deliver an eco-responsible and private island experience to its guests. Designed by French veteran designers, engineers, and naval architects, it has zero carbon footprint, is self-sufficient, and proclaims to be unsinkable. The design model for the Anthénea Suite was extensively researched to ensure it could resist cataclysms and the rise of oceans – its spherical shape is the optimal form to withstand extreme conditions on the water.

Whilst the pod is equipped with 1000W solar-panels, it can also be provided with a 4000W installation and reach complete autonomy with its own water-processing and eco-responsible sewage system. Numerous interiors are available for the Anthénea pods, customised to meet the design needs of each customer’s aesthetic requirements, whether business or wellness.

This unique shipment is just one of the latest complex projects that Peters & May are known to indulge in. Having honed their skills to an industry-leading standard over the last five decades, they tailor every shipment, even the most complex ones, timelessly and faultlessly to the needs of each yacht and every customer. The timely demonstration of such skills comes just as the global company celebrates its 50th anniversary this month.

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