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Watch Peters & May’s Loadmasters at work!

You want your yacht moving… Peters & May’s Loadmasters are the men for the job! From A to B, land to sea our team plan, lift, cradle and lash your yacht to achieve a safe delivery.

With over 25 years’ experience in marine logistics; our team of 7 dedicated and professional Loadmasters have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the loading and discharge of cargo varying in shapes, weights and sizes. From commercial tugs and superyachts, to smaller racing and leisure yachts; Peters & May Loadmasters have client’s logistical needs covered.

Involved at every stage of the process, Peters & May’s expert loadmasters work closely with the Technical Support team in the planning, design and development of each bespoke solution with the associated cradle and lifting equipment. As a point of contact on the day of loading and discharge; Loadmasters are responsible for managing all load and discharge operations. Coordinating third party divers and ship crews; Peters & May Loadmasters instil trust and confidence in clients throughout the operation.

Shane Brearley, Senior Loadmaster & Boatloader Manager explains: “Our role is not only to safely load or discharge a vessel, but it is also to look after and reassure clients during what can be a nerve racking process. As a team we move over 4,000 yachts and motorboats annually; meaning that we have the knowledge and experience to react and solve any problems that arise”.

Watch a video of our Loadmasters at work.

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