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Cape 31

Proud Sponsors of High-Performance Racing: Supporting the Cape 31 Class

Peters & May has been proud partners of the Cape 31 class since 2018, recognising the class’s impressive potential from the very beginning. The Cape 31 is a Grand Prix high performance 31-foot race boat and Peters & May’s collaboration with the class has supported it expansion and reach far beyond the UK, to become a worldwide association. Peters & May remains dedicated to fostering the growth and success of this exciting, dynamic racing series, ensuring seamless logistics and transport solutions for teams around the globe.

“The Cape 31 Class are pleased that Peters and May will be extending their class partnership as International Preferred Suppliers. Peters and May have been helping the class deliver boats internationally for almost 5 years now. During 2022/23 Peters and May safely delivered more than 40 Cape 31’s safely around the world. They have also helped get owners to Key West Regatta and the Caribbean to make sure they can keep racing over the winter. With the growth of the Cape 31 Class continuing, we are grateful of the support of Peters and May, especially with our upcoming Europeans in San Remo and second Summer in the South where lots of our current owners will be shipping their boats around the world to extend their fun.”

Tor Tomlinson Cheney