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Peters & May Commences journey to Net Zero

Key partnership with internationally recognised sustainability certification, Planet Mark

Leading global logistics company Peters & May announces the start of its journey to cut Greenhouse Gas emissions and commit to achieve net zero through the internationally recognised sustainability certification, Planet Mark.

Currently the company’s carbon footprint is being measured across its global operations. The company is working towards a measurement of it’s full carbon footprint across all global operations. The initial measurement activity covers the emissions the company creates directly, for example from burning fuel in gas boilers and in company owned vehicles (Scope 1) in addition to Scope 2 emissions, which are those that a company creates indirectly, associated with the production of energy it purchases (e.g., electricity). Following Planet Mark’s data verification process, Peters & May will achieve Business Certification. To retain this certification the company will be required to make annual emissions reductions of at least 2.5%.

Michael Wood of Peters & May explained the reasoning saying, ‘This summer, Peters & May celebrated its 50-year anniversary, so it was natural to reflect on the next 50 years and ask questions about what kind of business we want to be. Being socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and operating a global company that considers the consequence of its operation was quite clearly our focus.’
Through Planet Mark, Peters & May will then begin to measure their Scope 3 emissions, to understand the footprint of their entire value chain. This will establish a complete net zero baseline from which they will set credible and realistic science-based net zero targets.

Michael continued, ‘Through the Planet Mark Business Certification, we will be measuring and reducing our carbon footprint to ensure that we are embedding sustainability into our business practices. Our Net Zero Transition is a long-term project but through our partnership with Planet Mark we will be independently verified, and our progress will be publicly certified. This is important as our commitment is no passing fancy.’

Founded in 2013 Planet Mark is a globally recognised sustainability certification that works with companies such as Fortnum & Mason, The IOD and Roadchef. Planet Mark members follow a robust three-step process: Measuring their carbon footprint, engaging everyone in the business, and transparently communicating their progress. Members must reduce emissions by at least 2.5% a year, but targeting a 5% annual reduction in carbon emissions is recommended. Planet Mark reports that on average, certified businesses make a 14% carbon saving per employee per year.

Simon Judson, CEO of Peters & May adds, ‘In recent years an increasing number of companies, particularly in the yacht racing circuit, have viewed our environmental impact mitigation and net zero targets as part of their procurement process. Once Peters & May becomes Planet Mark Certified we will be demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. This will appeal to companies seeking to partner with net zero businesses.”

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