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Yacht Shipping Pricing

Determining the cost to ship a yacht involves a variety of factors such as size, origin, destination, and the time of transportation. Due to the complexity of these variables, providing a precise estimate, like a cost per mile, is challenging. Peters & May, with global offices and expert staff, offers personalized advice for every budget and scenario. Contact us for a tailor-made quote.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Yacht?

A common question asked by anyone considering shipping a yacht is how much will it cost?

Whether you’re looking to transport your yacht to the Mediterranean for some summer sunshine, ship a racing yacht over to Antigua ahead of Antigua Sailing Week, or even move a Superyacht to Dubai for an event; pricing is important when it comes to choosing the right logistics partner for you.

The reality is that with so many different factors involved with it can be difficult to provide a reliable quote from the get go! Peters & May explain the various factors impacting the cost when it comes to shipping a yacht, shedding light as to why we cannot provide pricing until you have spoken to one of our experts.

Yacht Lift

Bespoke Solutions

Peters & May pride themselves in providing bespoke boat transport solutions to every customer we work with and as a result each project is different. It is based upon individual requirements and unique shipment needs that Peters & May’s experts build into the pricing. Often ‘bespoke’ solutions are associated with higher costs; however, our teams work hard to provide fair pricing for customers. By working closely in collaboration with clients we discuss the costings of various routes and options; weighing up each to ensure we provide solutions that are not only tailored to your shipping needs, but also to your budget.


The size and weight of cargo is important when it comes to pricing – in fact, it is one of the first questions our experts will ask. Oversized or larger shipments often require extra resource and added costs when it comes to bespoke shipment methods or heavy lift equipment.


With Peters & May’s complex network of strategically placed agents, no destination is off limits; however, remote or long-distance shipments of course come at a cost. From the hire of deck space on a vessel, to increased fuel costs over significant distances and the need to locally hire extra equipment, location plays a significant role in the cost of shipping a yacht. Costs of services such as Stevedores can vary enormously depending on the port or region creating significant fluctuations in pricing.


Peters & May run regular sailings across popular routes in sync with the start and finish of yachting seasons in regions worldwide. If you are looking to ship your yacht in line with seasonal sailings, the likelihood is costings will be significantly reduced as a result of economies of scale. An excellent example of this would be a recent 52 yacht sailing back from the Caribbean this year. All standard costs including vessel hire and Loadmaster resource were split 52 ways, resulting in a much cheaper shipping cost for customers.


Relationships & Reputation

In an industry built upon relationships and reputation, loyalty and experience play a major role in the cost of shipping your yacht. With precious cargo in question, reputation is paramount to the safe delivery of your yacht, however it plays a bigger role in pricing then you may imagine!

A vessel owner will price themselves in accordance with the reputation of a merchant. Often bespoke logistics providers with a leading reputation such as Peters & May enjoy favourable rates when hiring vessels. This is due to increased carrier confidence in Loadmasters maintaining their own good reputation. Similarly yacht transport specialists that provide regular business to carriers often reap the benefits of discounted rates which filter down to clients, especially when demand across the industry is low.

If you are interested in shipping a yacht and finding out more about potential costs, request a non-obligatory quote or speak to our experts directly. 


If you’re considering shipping a yacht and want to explore potential costs, request a non-obligatory quote or speak directly to our experts for comprehensive assistance.