Global Yacht Transport


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Handle All Types Of Racing Yachts?

Absolutely. We’re equipped to transport yachts of all sizes and classes.

Related Questions

Yes, we take care of all customs requirements on behalf of our clients, making the shipping process smoother and hassle-free. Our dedicated customs team provides advice and guidance on boat customs and VAT.
Getting a quote is easy. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us at or reach out to your local Peters & May office for more information and to begin planning your next racing adventure.
We have the capacity to transport multiple yachts, making us a reliable choice for events and racing teams.
Yes, we understand the time-sensitive nature of racing. We work closely with you to ensure your yacht arrives on schedule.
Our passion for racing, extensive experience, and attention to detail distinguish us.
It’s best to contact us as early as possible to ensure a seamless logistics plan.