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Charles Hazet, Peters & May Asian Business Development Manager talks about how the firm is meeting burgeoning demand from the Asian yacht market and the benefits of expert-led shipping

“I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with yachting in this region and we’re really proud to be helping the Asian yachting industry grow and transform. As more people have come to understand and experience the pleasure of yacht ownership in this region, facilities are being expanded and transformed, and regulations are also being altered to be more welcoming to visiting yachts. It’s a really exciting time and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our expertise to meet growing demand to transport vessels to and from Asia.”

With requests to ship both new and used yachts steadily growing, Peters & May is running regular sailings calling at Asian ports. “It’s a busy time,” says Hazet, “Over the next couple of months we have shipments leaving from northern Europe and the Med, and from Asia to Australia, as well as sailings from Asia back to Europe.” The latest shipment left Kotka, in Finland, in April and headed to Southampton and La Rochelle, before entering the Mediterranean. From there it called at Palma and Fethiye in early May and is now heading to Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

“That doesn’t mean to say other stops can’t be added though,” stresses Hazet. “We try to be as flexible as possible to meet client demands so, if an extra stop is requested, we do what we can to accommodate it. Our highly experienced team of loadmasters and specialists plan and conduct lifting and secure yachts ready for transportation.” Such is the demand, Hazet revealed his team is working on scheduling additional shipments for this route.

“First timers looking to enter yachting in Asia quickly discover how many of the boats listed for sale are in the Mediterranean or even Northern Europe or the US, which can seem daunting to take on, particularly given the current difficulties regarding international travel. However, we successfully continued international yacht shipments across the globe throughout the pandemic. As long-term experts in the field, our agents are used to handling all the intricacies of customs paperwork and logistics, making the process as straightforward as possible for clients.”

“As well as bringing boats to new owners, international yacht transport can open a whole world of cruising opportunities. While local owners may wish to enjoy their yacht in home waters during the height of the season, our transport services mean there is also the option to relocate it to the Mediterranean to enjoy the best weather there in what is usually the wettest season here in Asia.”

“Due to our network of global offices and agents, almost any destination is possible, and our Asian team is always keen to help new clients talk through their plans and work out potential voyages. From the Mediterranean you could keep going and book onward transport to the Caribbean or the US,” Hazet adds. The company is also able to arrange delivery crew where necessary.

Australia is another destination proving popular with Peters & May’s clients at present, and a shipment is set to call at Hong Kong at the end of this month before travelling on to Laem Chabang, Singapore, Phuket and Newcastle. “After the Australian government changed the Coastal Trading Act, allowing foreign-owned vessels to charter there, the area has seen a real upturn in interest and we’re getting frequent enquiries about shipments,” says Hazet. “Not only has it got spectacular wildlife and pristine cruising grounds, but it remains one of the safest places to travel and has continued to be accessible to superyachts throughout the pandemic, provided quarantine measures are observed.”

In addition to the charter sailings calling at Asian ports, Peters & May also offers regular liner routes to and from almost any destination worldwide.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Charles Hazet via email at

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