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Peters & May Carbon Calculator

Welcome to the Peters & May Carbon Calculator. This tool helps you calculate the carbon footprint of your shipments. Please enter the departure and destination locations, the weight of your shipment, and select the mode of transport. After calculating the carbon footprint, you can proceed to purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions from your shipment.

Enter the port or city from where the shipment will depart.
Enter the port or city where the shipment is headed.
Enter the weight of your shipment in metric tonnes.
Select the mode of transport for your shipment.

Click on "Calculate Distance" to get the distance between your departure and destination points. Once the distance is calculated, you can then calculate the carbon footprint of your shipment based on the distance, weight, and mode of transport.

The calculated distance will be displayed here.

Click on 'Calculate tCO2e' to determine the carbon footprint of your shipment. You will then have the option to purchase carbon credits based on the calculated amount, helping to offset the emissions generated by your shipment.