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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2018 – Meet the team there!

With the 33rd Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) underway, sailors begin their long 2700 NM voyage across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to St Lucia. Attracting almost 300 boats and 1,200 people annually, the ARC is renowned for its sailing spirit. More than just a race; this event attracts families and avid sailors alike, all unified in their quest to make it across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, of course having plenty of fun along the way!

Community spirit is at the core of the event and as the pre-departure activities begin, representatives from Peters & May’s UK and Germany offices head out to take part. Arriving in Las Palmas later this month, the team will present participants with various options for shipping their yachts home. Participants are invited to join Richard & Jesper at the Hotel Metropole on Wednesday 21st November at 11am to learn about various shipping options. Later that evening at 6pm, there will be an opportunity to chat in more detail with the team, at the Peters & May ‘Happy Hour’ drinks, hosted at the Dingy Sailing Club in the centre of Las Palmas Marina.

Following the end of the yachting season in the Caribbean, Peters & May’s Transatlantic Sailings back to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe are some of our most popular sailings annually. Last year saw a record breaking  52-Yacht Sailing leave Antigua bound for Southampton. With sailings running between March and May this year, coinciding with the end of the ARC and Antigua Sailing Week, we look forward to shipping both regular and new participants home on Peters & May’s mast up sailings.

It’s not only getting yachts home that Peters & May have covered. In association with World Cruising Club, Peters & May are the official logistics provider for the event. Over the last few months our freight forwarding team have been busy assisting organisers with the pre-rally shipping. This year, Peters & May’s in-house airfreight team arranged the shipment of 33 cartons transported from the UK to Las Palmas ahead of the event.

After kicking off last week, the ARC+ fleet have begun their journey, heading to Cape Verde for a 3-5 day stop over before taking on the Atlantic. Not far behind, the ARC fleet will follow; departing Las Palmas on the 25th November, heading straight across the Atlantic for Rodney Bay St Lucia. After almost 20 days at sea, participants will be cheered to shore in St Lucia by the Peters & May team and the many spectators that line the coast. Rum punch and beer on tap, participants will enjoy well deserved celebrations.

Until then, we wish all participants the best of luck with our fingers crossed for great sailing conditions to help them on their way!

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