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5 things to consider when choosing a Logistics Partner

We have all been there… endless investigation, research and a bugging uncertainty whilst choosing between suppliers. For the more indecisive of us, day to day decisions can be a challenge – so where do you start when choosing a logistics provider?

With expensive, often awkward, and valuable cargo; you want to make sure that you choose a supplier that understands your needs, has plenty of experience and delivers your cargo in a timely and safe manner. Here are our recommendations for things to watch out for:



We all learn from experience, mistakes and successes! Choose a logistics supplier who has years of experience within the field. They may have had customers similar to yourself and therefore are likely to fully understand your requirements. Do your homework checking out company history and case studies to gain a good idea of previous projects.

Take a look at Peters & May’s history or check out some of our interesting projects such as the shipment of a G4 Gunboat.


Contacts and Networks

The nature of logistics takes operations all over the world. As a result, we recommend choosing a logistics supplier with a complex and trusted network of agents and suppliers worldwide. With varying tax, customs and import / export procedures make sure teams have geographically spread expertise, understanding the procedures and protocols in place for arranging shipments to your required destination.

Here at Peters & May, we have 12 offices spanning all continents. If we don’t have the answer in house, our team can simply ask local agents on the ground at various destinations. With numerous certified agents worldwide, we have contacts located in most places from The Maldives to New Zealand.



Word of mouth means a lot! If someone takes the time to give positive feedback, it’s a good indication that a company not only fulfilled promises but went above and beyond customer expectation.

Peters & May’s core goal is to exceed expectations in bespoke logistics, that includes not only the expectations of customers, but our third-party suppliers. Our teams work closely with hundreds of suppliers, agents, surveyors, stevedores, divers and hauliers worldwide – so what do they think of us?

Richard Davies, Principle Surveyor at TSL Marine Surveyors

‘As a Marine Surveyor specialising in the supervision of large yachts, I have attended hundreds of yacht loadings over the past 25 years. In all this time, I have never seen such a well-run operation than during Peters & May’s loading of a yacht in Newport.

Despite difficult conditions, Peters & May’s well-trained Loadmaster was exceptional! A natural team leader he led from the front, whilst inspiring the team around him with his good humour and enthusiasm. He handled all pressure in agile stride, filling any gaps necessary to ensure that the loading was executed to military precision. Having seen the discharge the other side, it appears the skills of Peters & May’s team of expert Loadmasters spans the globe’.



Customer Service

Customer service is important in any business. This is however even more important when it comes to a logistics provider. If you are new to the process of shipping cargo, you may have lots of questions that need answering. You also want your supplier to regularly update their clients on shipment timeframes and status, so you are always kept in the loop.

At Peters & May, the team are committed to exceeding expectations, keeping clients informed as much as possible whilst their shipment is in transit. This is managed through our teams, who aim to provide a personal and friendly service from quote to cargo discharge.

Read about ‘First Time Customer’ Lynne’s experience shipping with Peters & May.



Look at your decision choosing a logistics partner as a long term one. Once you have found your reliable supplier, they can take care of your current and future logistics needs. As such it is important that your chosen supplier is forward thinking (a ‘Future-Proof’ organisation, some may say). This is becoming increasingly important in the current customs landscape, with unresolved issues such as BREXIT; and ongoing changes to the Customs Declarations Service process.

Peters & May, alongside sister companies CEC & BLS have been taking steps to future proof our organisation. With online booking and tracking systems, CDS trained staff and the expansion of resource globally; our teams are ready for whatever the future brings!

So, when it comes down to making a decision, these are just a few things to consider. The end result, you manage to select the right logistics supplier for the job with confidence!

More information around the services Peters & May offer can be found here.

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