Peters & May Move Fragile Fife

Fri, September 02, 2011

Peters & May, the global leader in specialist niche marine logistics, has been awarded the contract for shipping a rare, classic and incredibly fragile Fife motor yacht. Falka will travel from the UK to a museum in Istanbul where she will be restored.

The British-built William Fife motor yacht is one of only three remaining Regatta Sport Launches. Fife’s yachts are legendary, with notorious designs including two of Thomas Lipton’s America’s Cup challengers, Shamrock I & III, in addition to cruising many yachts, including Cambria, Moonbeam II & IV, and Mariquita. There are now only 100 Fife vessels in the world, which is why it was crucial to save Falka.

The shipment was not straight-forward. There was absolutely no strength remaining in the 91-year old hull, therefore Peters & May had to find a method of lifting and shipping the vessel that did not involve using lifting straps, as the hull would simply stave in and disintegrate under the localised pressure.

The Peters & May team arrived at a solution; they designed a bespoke cradle which provided twice the support than that of a standard cradle; and which mirrored the hull form precisely. This bespoke cradle would take the weight of the fragile vessel as well as providing a protective cushion for the fragile hull. The Fife’s new cradle had to be officially certified in order for it to be used to lift Falka onto the ship bound for Turkey, and following a stringent assessment, was granted the necessary safety certification.

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