Super racing at the Zadar Royal Cup 2018 for the 52 SUPER SERIES

Regatta after regatta this year’s 52 SUPER SERIES just keeps getting better! After an impressive start to the season during Sibenik Sailing Week, Croatia keeps the fantastic racing coming at the Zadar Royal Cup. So far, the unfamiliar courses of Croatia brought with them new challenges, but the racing certainly hasn’t disappointed!

Coming out of Sibenik, Quantum Racing was left in a brilliant position to take on the second regatta of the season. Despite their head start it was Italy’s Luna Rossa who took the title, winning the Zadar Royal Cup 2018 with 32 points. Strong teamwork, composure under pressure and innovative boat design were a recipe for success for the Luna Rossa team, enabling them to maximise downwind gains. Closely following Luna Rossa was Phoenix with 36 points, who after some successful racing placed at an unfortunate 11th in the penultimate race of the regatta.

The Zadar Royal Cup produced some record breaking results with Tina Plattner at the helm of TP Phoenix scoring consistently well, making her the first female at the helm to win two races at the 52 SUPER SERIES. Not only that, Phoenix are the first debuting helm to win races at their first ever 52 SUPER SERIES. Looks like Phoenix could be one to watch out for!

Craig Stanbury, Global Operations Director for Racing at Peters & May was impressed with the sailing: “As the series goes on you can see that the build team’s hard work over winter certainly paid off, with fast sailing despite light conditions. Zadar produced some fantastic racing especially in the final 2 days. It’s been great to see some new racing arenas this season in Croatia - the challenges and opportunities created have certainly made for some interesting racing… Roll on Cascais!”

As the Zadar Royal Cup comes to a close, Quantum still maintain their 1st place position for the 52 SUPER SERIES overall, with Sled and Platoon in 2nd and 3rd place. Zadar’s winner Luna Rossa come close, placing 4th overall within the competition. After 2 regattas in the unfamiliar racing territory of the Adriatic, the competition moves Atlantic side to Cascais next month. With stronger winds and higher seas expected Peters & May look forwards to watching the racing unfold with the potential for new winners to take the title.

On to the next leg of the 52 Super Series, Peters & May now get to work moving the fleet to the next event.

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