Peters & May, the world’s leading global boat transport company, has announced an exciting new initiative to extend its support of the Breast Cancer Clinical Trials (BCCT) Charity. Boat owners using Peters & May will be offered the option of having lashing straps in the distinctive pink colour of the BCCT charity when their boat is secured for transportation. A donation of £5 for each strap will be charged to the owner whilst Peters & May will match this to provide a total donation of £10 to the charity for each strap used. The BCCT pink lashing straps have been specially manufactured for the initiative.

The BCCT is the chosen charity of Peters & May who organise a number of events each year to raise money for the charity. Peters & May use pink lashings to raise money for Breast Cancer Clinic Trials charityEarlier this year the company organised a Clay Pigeon shoot in support of the BCCT raising more than £10,000 for the charity. The Pink Lashings initiative will be a long term plan to provide even more support. The number of straps required for a yacht is calculated by the weight and length. On average an 80 foot yacht would use 50 lashings and raise £500 for the charity. Although there is no guarantee t hat each owner will choose to contribute, the company aims to raise in excess of £ 25000 for the charity. The money donated will provide significant support for the charity, whilst the visual effect of the Pink Lashings will be a strong reminder of the charity’s excellent work.

Dave Holley, CEO of the Peters & May Group commented, "Breast Cancer Clinical Trials is a charity close to many people’s hearts, especially mine, having lost my mother to this terrible disease. The work they carry out has already led to some great achievements in this field. We are excited to have come up with this innovative new idea and are confident that our clients will appreciate this opportunity to donate to such a great cause."

As well as the satisfaction they will feel from supporting the charity the boat owners choosing Pink Lashings will receive a photograph of the loading and a letter of thanks from the charity.

Victoria Gerlis of the Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Charity said, "BCCT are delighted that Peters & May have chosen to support our charity with this initiative. The use of the charity’s colour for the lashing straps will help to raise awareness, and the donations will help us to continue to make a difference with our important work."

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