MY SONG arrives in Palma following her recovery

Following our recent updates into this incident, we are able to confirm the successful recovery of MY SONG by the appointed salvors MCS Marine Claim Services GmBH. She is now in Palma and in the possession and control of salvors and her owners/insurers.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the salvors for their hard work over the past week. This has been a very delicate operation carried out in difficult conditions and we are thankful for their efforts.


Whilst the investigations into the cause of the loss are still on going, it has recently transpired during the investigations that the cradle provided by the yacht owners had undergone an undisclosed and apparently uncertified modification prior to shipment. This modification appears to have resulted in the failure of the yacht’s cradle.


Due to the high profile nature of this yacht there continues to be plenty of speculation, so in the interest of transparency we will continue to post updates as and when we can do so. Our thoughts remain with the yacht’s owners at this difficult time.