Look towards Europe

With interest rates still in the doldrums, smart money is being invested in tangible assets that should increase in value over the mid-long term, rather than waiting for global markets to pick-up. We can think of no better time than now to enjoy a new boat and, interestingly, if you look to the Eurozone you could find that your well-earned cash will stretch a lot further than you think.

In fact, because the GBP to Euro exchange rate is so good at the moment, you could get almost 15% more boat for your money! The exchange rates from just a year ago differ vastly with today’s GBP to Euro rate, sitting at 1.3617 compared to 1.1914 in March 2014. That means a €100,000 boat would leave you over €14,280 (£10,000) better off.

It’s true too, that quite often, you’ll get a higher spec boat for a bargain on the brokerage market in Europe anyway, but the relative strength of the British Pound just makes the idea even more appealing right now. All those little extras which you think will be out of reach could just be affordable, thanks to some really good exchange rates!

Perhaps worries about who to speak to, correct customs procedures, and how to go about getting your new purchase back to the UK is putting you off, but prospective purchasers needn’t be bogged down in these matters. The savings made on your purchase should offset those of a good logistics provider who have regular routes from the Mediterranean.

Of course the key to it all is research, research, research. But for those who are prepared to put the effort in, you’ll be surprised what you could get out of it!

For guidance on shipping logistics, customs and tax across Europe, just give us a ring on +44 (0) 2380 480480, email marine@petersandmay.com or click here to get an idea of cost via our electronic system. We’ve got a wealth of local market knowledge, an in-house customs specialist, good contacts with yards and brokers and everything you need to know about moving your new boat around the world for its inaugural season!

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