Introducing the people loading your boats…

Global logistics provider, Peters & May load and unload hundreds of yachts and other marine paraphernalia around the clock. So, we thought it was about time we introduced the team working tirelessly behind the scenes to make each delivery possible! Our expert loadmasters all have over 25 years experience, and work very hard to ensure every tiny detail is thought of before a boat starts its journey.

The majority of our loadmasters come from a military background, giving them the skills required to ensure a smooth operation such as, attention to detail, discipline, and logistical knowledge. Two of these loadmasters are Shane Brearley and Paul Elsom, who both came to Peters & May 8 years ago.

Shane and Paul both hold significant expertise when it comes to cradle systems and the loading and unloading of large and unusual yachts. Paul commented: “With each day comes a new challenge to overcome! As well as maintaining an active role in the loadmaster team, I also provide technical support to our global marine team. It gives me immense pride to stand back and look at a loaded ship and think, that along with our superb team, we have achieved our aim.”

Shane’s first solo project with Peters & May was managing the lift of a Volvo 70 for Puma Ocean Racing back in 2007. Shane commented: “It’s not often such a large yacht and cradle is lifted to such extreme heights. In order to reach the weather deck of a WWL (Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics) vessel, we craned the yacht 37m using a mobile crane from quay to the vessel’s weather deck before lowering and securing her carefully into place, at the time it was a big job for me, and successful loading for P&M.”

Over the next few months, we’ll be shining a light on all the incredible loadmasters working for Peters & May, and sharing a few insights from their job. Look out for our Loadmaster Profiles on our Twitter and Facebook! Read our first two on Shane and Paul.

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