Are you ready for Brexit?

Since the 2016 referendum the topic of Brexit has been filled with ongoing uncertainty and debate. The Government’s ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ advertising campaign has begun in earnest aimed at increasing business readiness for the UK’s exit. As the situation stands, the UK will legally leave the EU on 31st October 2019.

Currently the UK membership of the European Union enables freight to move freely between the UK and EU member countries without customs formalities and tariffs. After the UK leaves the EU this will change significantly.

Businesses are urged to prepare as Denise Hill, Customs Advisor at Peters & May states; On 4th September 2019 The European Commission issued a final call to all businesses to prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In a ‘no deal’ scenario on 1st November the UK will become a third country and there will be no transition period enabling businesses to continue trading under current conditions. We urge all customers to ensure they are fully prepared and understand the specific risks to their business not only from a customs viewpoint but also from a legal and market access perspective.”


In-house Customs expertise

Fortunately, the team at Peters & May are prepared for Customs procedures post Brexit. An established team of marine and freight forwarding professionals have decades of experience in import and export documentation process and procedures. In fact, some of our freight forwarding team have been dealing with import and export customs procedures for almost 30 years!

With years of experience; our teams have been using the CHIEF system (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) since its inception. As an experienced customs clearance agent, we are able to electronically create Customs declarations for goods by land, air and sea.


Planning for the future

Keeping up to date with all customs development, Peters & May are one step ahead of many agents and our teams are prepared for whatever the evolving customs landscape has in store.

For a full list of the customs services offered visit our customs webpage or email

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