Versand 'Maiden' Home - Pink Lashings der Unterstützung für die Brust-Einheit Charity

At Peters & May we don't just do bespoke logistics we like to make a difference.

Our 'Pink Lashing Initiative' launched in 2014 is something that means a lot to many of us, We are all immensely proud of the positive effects it has in helping raise awareness and funds for The Breast Unit Charity in their work fighting to beat cancer and help build patients’ lives back together with some fabulous aftercare.

This year saw an exceptional shipment with the special Pink Lashings, when the famous Farr 58 'Maiden' was transported home from the Seychelles to Southampton for an extensive refit.

Tracy Edwards MBE, Skipper of Maiden 'It’s a really fantastic initiative that I was very pleased to support!'


To celebrate this year’s shipment of 'Maiden' for Tracy Edwards and a new record donation of £32,580.19 presented to the charity at the Southampton Boatshow 2017, we have put together a very short video with some drone footage of 'Maiden' being shipped to help show how the Pink Lashing Initiative works and how to get involved.

Ashraf Patel was kind enough to make the journey down to the Southampton Boatshow 2017 to accept the cheque on behalf of The Breast Unit Charity presented by Peters & May Group CEO, David Holley.

Ashraf Patel, Associate Specialist & Clinical Lead for Breast Surgery at Princess Alexandra Hospital 'It’s not just the funds that makes a difference, what Peters & May have done with the Pink Lashing Initiative is raise awareness in a unique way, that also gives their clients an opportunity to double the effect of their donation and have their yacht secured with the bespoke pink lashings!'

Help Peters & May go pink!
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