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VAT & Customs documentation

Peters & May's staff have many years experience in international trade services operations, and are familiar with the specific documentary and certification requirements for shipments to all corners of the world. As specialists in Letters of Credit, the Peters & May team will help remove your exposure to financial risk, and reduce your operating costs by handling all documentation processes on your behalf.

The in-house VAT and Customs advisor is also on hand to provide customers with continued support. Simon Beck makes it his business to ensure that he is up to date with current legislations in order to provide accurate information to both our customers and our operations team. For more information please feel free to contact Simon on [email protected].

Document consultancy

Our services include:

• Pre shipment Letters of Credit scrutiny and amendment service
• Courier presentation of documents to Bank
• Documentation consultancy
• Full Letter of Credit services

Customs stamp

Customs preparation:

• CAP entries - electronic
• T2L forms
• EUR 1 Forms
• ATR 1 Forms
• Legalised Documents
• Certificates of Origin

Customs documentation

Department of Trade & Industry (DTI):

• Preparation and presentation of Export license application forms
• Advising on Visa & Notary’s
• Pre shipment inspection
• Completion of forms and liaising with Inspectors


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